What Do Popcorn Buds Look Like?

Instead of being delicate and feminine like other types, popcorn buds are small with leafy stems. These plants often have a lot of potency going on under the hood – literally!

They can even take on a hairy, almost fluffy look. While looks are one thing, popcorn buds wouldn’t have such a bad rep if these physical shortcomings were more like the plants they came from.

Will Popcorn Buds Get You High?

The small, wispy popcorn buds of the cannabis plant are capable of providing a high that can be less intense than its fully-formed counterpart. Though these micro buds still contain THC and will pack out joints or bowls just as well with more going into each hit – you’ll have to smoke two average-size blunts instead for an exceptional high.

Can You Smoke Popcorn Buds?

The problem with smoking popcorn buds is that you’re getting less “bang for your buck.” But it’s still completely possible to smoke or vaporize them! Just make sure to give them enough time and don’t expect too much!

That said, there are a host of other ways to truly get the best out of your Canadian weed. Doe example, you can create edibles from Popcorn buds. Dab lovers will love that you can also make your own concentrates like hash with your Popcorn bud.

Popcorn Buds & Small Buds

When looking for potent nuts of weed at a decent price, most Canadians consider Popcorn Buds when buying weed online in Canada from a mail order marijuana weed dispensary. Popcorn buds are small buds. They essentially look the size of popcorn, hence the names Popcorn buds, Popcorn nugs, and popcorn bud weed.

The Popcorn bud micro bud from our weed dispensary all come from AAAA+, AAAA, and AAA+ premium BC cannabis. These micro buds did not pass our strict quality testing during the packaging phase because of their small bud size.

It’s important to note that the micro buds in our Popcorn bud weed are as potent as the AAAA+ & AAA+ strains they came from. They just don’t have the same visual appeal as normal size value buds at our dispensary.

The time is now! Take advantage of this discounted offer and buy our quality strains at an affordable price.


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Mix & Match (Popcorn) – 28g x 4


Buy Mix & Match (Popcorn) – 28g x 4 at BudExpressNOW Online Shop

Mix & Match (Popcorn) – 28g x 8


Buy Mix & Match (Popcorn) Strain – 28g x 8 at BudExpressNOW Online Shop

Mix & Match (Popcorn) – 28g x 16


Buy Mix & Match (Popcorn) Strain – 28g x 16 at BudExpressNOW Online Shop

Indica Dominant

Dank Sinatra AAAA (Popcorn)


Buy Dank Sinatra AAAA (Popcorn) at BudExpressNOW Online Shop

Dank Sinatra is an indica-dominant hybrid named for “Old Blue Eyes,” Frank Sinatra. This strain was created by crossing LA Affie and Hash Plant, leading to a happy, cerebral buzz that settles down into the body. The weighted relaxation helps consumers abate stress and depression while preparing the body for rest. Dank Sinatra has pungent, earthy flavors intermixed with subtle notes of citrus and diesel.


Sativa Dominant

Incredible Hulk AAAA (Popcorn)


Buy Incredible Hulk AAAA (Popcorn) at BudExpressNOW Online Shop

Incredible Hulk is a sativa strain that harnesses the active and stimulating effects of its parent strains, Green Crack and Jack Herer. Creativity and social energy get a boost while blueberry, pineapple, and earthy flavors overwhelm the palate. This high-energy sativa is preferred as a daytime remedy for minor aches and pains.



OG Shark AAAA (Popcorn)


Buy OG Shark AAAA (Popcorn) at BudExpressNOW Online Shop

OG Shark, a rare strain found primarily in Canada, sets high standards with its impressive THC content and pungent, earthy aroma. Patients most commonly turn to this heavy-hitter for nausea, pain, and sleep disorders, as well as many other symptoms.


Indica Dominant

Pink Runtz AAAA (Popcorn)


Buy Pink Runtz AAAA (Popcorn) at BudExpressNOW Online Shop

Pink Runtz is a hybrid marijuana strain and a phenotype of the original Runtz, which crosses Zkittlez with Gelato. The hype around this strain has been firmly established – and for good reason. Pink Runtz features an aroma that is sweet and fruity like candy. This strain produces uplifting effects that are known to be long-lasting. Growers say Pink Runtz is distinguished by an extremely dense bud structure with dark green-to-purple hues.


Indica Dominant

Sherbert AAAA (Popcorn)


Buy Sherbert AAAA (Popcorn) at BudExpressNOW Online Shop

Sherbert, also known as “Sherbet”, “Sherbert OG”, “Sunset Sherbet”, and “Sunset Sherbert” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties. This strain exhibits powerful, full-body effects that are elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy and carefree state of mind. Sherbet boasts a THC level of 18% and may be overwhelming to novice cannabis consumers. The high potency of Sherbert makes it an ideal choice for medical marijuana patients seeking relief from symptoms associated with stress, tension, and mood disorders. This strain features a sweet, dessert-like flavor profile with notes of skunky citrus, sweet berry, and candy. The average price per gram of Sherbert is $20, but may vary based on your location. According to growers, Sherbert flowers into oblong fluffy nugs with rich trichome coverage and dark amber hairs throughout light and dark green foliage. This strain was originally bred by Mr. Sherbinski, who bred Sherbert intentionally to inherit the genetic lineage of its parent strain Girl Scout Cookies.


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