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When people think of Saskatchewan, most of them would probably think of a wide expanse of prairie and canola farms under big blue skies. And although Saskatoon has managed to have a solid fan base, its capital, Regina, unfortunately, does not share the same fate. But if you look a little closer and really explore the city, you will find that it actually is a quaint and charming place to spend a few days in. Check out some of these interesting places and things in Regina.

Wascana Lake

The Wascana Lake occupies the centre of Regina, and offers the best place for a morning jog or walk. It is named after a Cree word that means “pile of bones,” referencing the bison bone piles. Surrounded by a 2,300-acre park, the lake is near the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the University of Regina Campus, Legislative Building and lots of wild geese.

Warehouse District Bars

Located at Dewdney Avenue just north of Downtown Regina is an old warehouse filled with a few bars. By far, the best is the Bushwakker Brewpub. This bar occupies a 1913 warehouse that features more than a dozen beers, along with live shows and exciting pub fare. The locals are in love with this place. Visit this place to get high and enjoy good beer and snacks.

Cathedral District Cafes and Shops

Just a few blocks west of Albert Street on 13th Avenue is the Cathedral District that is teeming with bookshops, cafes and a couple of restaurants, making this a walkable alternative to downtown Regina. Try the 13th Ave Coffee House that serves an interesting mix of breakfast bowls and all-veggie lunches. This café is housed on the ground floor of an old house.

Moose Jaw

The well-loved prairie town of Moose Jaw offers touristy tours of the Tunnels of Moose Jaw and the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa, which is a modern hot spring pool that’s perfect when it’s chilly outside. It’s a mere one-hour drive west. As you go along your day trip, watch out for Big Mac, the name given to an old moose near the highway.

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